You’re Hosted!: The All-In-One Guide to Setting Up Your Own Linux Web Server at Home

This book is not just a guide that shows you how to configure a Linux website server. This guide covers everything you need to get your web server online and accepting visitor traffic in no time! From domain registration, dynamic DNS setup, and even port forwarding on your router to open the firewall for the server. This is a step by step guide that walks through everything you need to know in just less than 100 pages. This book even covers administration tools such as Webmin for an easy GUI interface of your server and its performance. But it doesn't stop there! We will walk through now to setup virtual hosts so you can host multiple websites with one single server. Not to mention installing the actual webserver which is Apache2, the database server which is MySQL, and lastly, PHP. Together we will build this LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server from the ground up using the command line! You might be asking yourself, why the LAMP configuration? This book is covering this configuration because this guide is also going to be installing the powerful website platform, WordPress. Whether you're starting a blog or a small business website, WordPress will get you there. Now that we've covered what's included, let's dive in!This guide can be used for Ubuntu Linux as well as Raspberry Pi's (Raspbian)

Author: T.F. Stein

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