WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux: The Official Guide

-- Harness the Power. WordPerfect Office 2000: The Official Guide is an interactive resource to using Corel's fully integrated suite of Linux desktop applications for Linux and WP users old and new with expert advice, tips, and tricks. This book will allow the reader to harness the power of Linux and WordPerfect into effective solutions for creating rich documents, smart spreadsheets, and stunning presentations.-- CorelPRESS' Authoritative Advantage.-- Written by Coral insiders from Tech Support and Product Support Teams-- Tech Review by Corel's WordPerfect/Linux team-- Corel Sales and Marketing Support -- as usual, Osborne will work with Corel to leverage our relationship. Potential website placement, Corel Solutions Guide advertising, inbox support, and more.-- CD-ROM will contain Corel Linux distribution and demo copy of WPO 2K for Linux software. The CD will also offer templates and tools to help readers learn easier and work smarter in Linux and the WPO 2K Suite.

Author: Philip Rackus

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