VMware Cookbook: A Real-World Guide to Effective VMware Use

With scores of step-by-step solutions, this cookbook helps you work with VMware ESXi in a wide range of network environments. You’ll not only learn the basics—how to pool resources from hardware servers, computer clusters, networks, and storage, and then distribute them among virtual machines—but also how to overcome the stumbling blocks you’ll encounter when you monitor systems, troubleshoot problems, and deal with security.This expanded second edition covers recent advances in vCloud Director and vShield cloud security. Ideal for system administrators of any level, VMware Cookbook also includes valuable information to help you determine your virtualization needs.Move into the cloud with vCloud Director, and secure virtual datacenters with vSphereSecure and monitor your virtual environment from the command lineManage disk, SSD, and SAN storage implementation and configurationDiscover options for managing resources, such as clustering, shares, and hot add/hotplug supportConfigure logical and physical networks, including virtual switches and software and hardware adaptersMake virtual machine replication easier by automating ESXi installationsGain valuable tips for configuration and fine-tuning

Author: Ryan Troy

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