Virtualization Complete: Business PRO Edition (Proxmox-freeNAS-Zentyal-pfSense-Artica Zarafa & FreeWebs)

The Ultimate Step By Step Field Guide For Proxmox In The Real World...!!!Learn the secrets of building a bulletproof virtual IT infrastructure. This 7-In-1 collection leverages the power and cost effectiveness of open source Linux, delivering a complete solution in easy step-by-step format. All the software components of this system are time tested in production and were chosen because they are simply the BEST at what they do. This field guide is easy enough for Linux beginners yet advanced enough for IT professionals! Select your system model, then, deploy it quickly with full diagrams and ALL the necessary command line entries provided for you!Leverage the bare metal Proxmox hypervisor to deploy a completely modular high performance foundation!Replace costly Cisco components with easily moveable virtual pfSense managed endpoints.Learn how to install high performance, redundant, semi-virtual freeNAS fileservers running the self-healing ZFS file system.Replace Microsoft active directory with robust Zentyal primary and backup directory servers.NEW: Configure an enterprise class multi-domain email server with Artica-Zarafa.NEW: Learn how to redirect domains and configure NAT rules for Artica email & web servers.Additional content covers directory based VPN authentication, IDS, Rsync, iSCSI, NFS, LVM, ZFS snapshot backups, hardware pass-through, 10 min. disaster recovery, best practices, and much more!Take complete control of your entire server rack through web-based management over secure VPN.Virtualization Complete is the ONLY collection available to offer such a comprehensive working business solution!

Author: Lee R. Surber

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