Using Ubuntu MATE and Its Applications

This book is written for computer users who want a reference detailed enough to help them to learn about Ubuntu MATE and its applications and to build their confidence and competence in using them to get things done. It is written from the perspective that Ubuntu MATE is a typical modern Linux for the average computer user who needs to do things like browse the Internet, check email, use a text editor or word processor, read and store document files, view and edit photos, watch videos, listen to music, and subscribe to podcasts. Many of the examples in this book are from my own experiences using Linux. The applications discussed work in the same way regardless of the operating system.You've likely switched to Linux to be able to use software that is like your previous computer's software, only better. By "better" you likely mean a modern but familiar user experience design, easy to understand and use, designed with security built-in, and protection from viruses and spyware included. You want all of that included and upgradeable at no additional charge. You want it all to "just work" with minimal or no maintenance -- automatic security updates and software upgrades for both the operating system and all of your installed applications. You don't mind paying for software, but you prefer the "try before you buy" philosophy. Ubuntu MATE gives you all of that and more!While it's is great for users who have migrated from Windows or macOS, Ubuntu MATE is also an excellent choice for any kind of computer user, from casual home user to professional software developer. That's because of its modern, functionally thought-out design. Ubuntu MATE is capable enough for even the most experienced computer user because, well, it's Linux! It has the power of every other Linux built-in. Simply put, it provides a practical alternative to other software that can run on your computer.Whether you are new to Linux, upgrading from Windows or macOS to Linux, or just thinking about moving to Linux, this book will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how you can use Ubuntu MATE and its applications. This book is a guide for new users and a reference for all users of Linux.

Author: Larry Bushey

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