Up To Speed With Linux Networking

Up To Speed With Linux Networking describes how to determine a Linux computer’s network configuration, where the network configuration files are and how to configure DNS, bonding, et cetera. Also, information that often comes up on a job interview such as the OSI and TCP/IP models, TCP three-way-handshake and the new iproute2 commands.Up To Speed With Linux Networking is written for Linux Systems Administrators who know enough networking to get by and want to expand his/her knowledge quickly without (or before) reading dozens of books and websites.However, the reader does not have to be an SA. This book is also written for other technical staff such as applications support staff, particularly those who want to understand the configuration of the computers that run the software they support. Project managers who want to be able to speak with the Systems Administrators with greater knowledge and precision will also find this book helpful. Minimum background knowledge: logs into one or more Linux computers fairly regularly and comfortable running a few commands on the command line.

Author: Peter Tamas

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