Unix/Linux Survival Guide (Networking & Security)

All Unix/Linux systems, regardless of manufacturer, have inherent similarities for administrators. The Unix/Linux Survival Guide details these similarities and teaches SysAdmins how to tackle jobs on all systems. Mixing administrator knowledge and best practices, the book walks admins step-by-step through installing, setting up, and configuring a new system. It also teaches them learn how to administer systems they didn't set up originally. Intended as a quick and dirty reference for administrators to use in their daily work, the book contains numerous hints on where to look and what to look for to get a Unix/Linux system up to speed and running smoothly. Admins will also learn preventive maintenance techniques to extract and evaluate baseline data and create a warning system that allows them to react to problems before users even notice. Daily task checklists are provided, and other key topics such as backup, security, and documentation are covered in detail. This book provides the knowledge, skill set, techniques, and approach needed to quickly administer a wide range of *NIX systems.

Author: Erik M. Keller

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