UNIX/LINUX & Shell coding: Admin for UNIX/LINUX command line

This technical guide to powerful shell coding for new & advance Admin in the UNIX/LINUX world is compressed to key information, no fluff no GUI. The book is only for persons truly interested in LINUX administration & or currently working in the IT field now and understand basic editor tools like “vi”. This could include Web master developer who understand UNIX/LINUX. The book also covers a few stories in some chapters covering my experiences that I have encounter mostly with semiconductor companies in the bay area. I have 35+ years in the UNIX/LINUX administration as well as other operating systems which are not in this book. I had master shell coding a long time ago as it was fun & challenging when tasked to solve a problems. In my past Microsoft Admin have requested my help at times to filter data for them using the basic tools mention in this Ebook here as their power shell was too hard to work with, not sure why. Staying on & working on cutting edge releases like OS helps you stay current as it has for me so I hope to be able to share some of this with you. I have also realized that I do have more EBooks to write related to this field to work on, so I will be adding more in the future as I still have projects cooking or still in a raw state. As a bonus I added a section on building out your own infrastructure & development projects using the same secrets large corporation use when they want to start a new projects. Series 1.

Author: James Keel

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