UNIX CD Bookshelf, 3.0

If you've heard the phrase, ""You can't take it with you,"" you may have thought, sadly, that it referred to your trusted shelf of O'Reilly Unix books. Thorough, reliable, and all encompassing, these books are unfortunately not especially portable en masse--unless, of course, you have a copy of the ""Unix CD Bookshelf. The ""Unix CD Bookshelf keeps all the books you've come to rely on right at your fingertips, wherever you may go. Version 3 provides convenient online access to seven indispensable books: ""Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition ""Learning the Unix Operating System, 5th Edition ""Learning the vi Editor, 6th Edition ""Mac OS X for Unix Geeks ""Learning the Korn Shell, 2nd Edition ""sed & awk, 2nd Edition ""Unix in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition --all from your CD-ROM drive. The CD has a master index for all seven books and a powerful search engine--and all the text is extensively hyper-linked--so you can find what you're looking for quickly. Packaged with the hard copy of ""Unix in a Nutshell, Third Edition, it takes up less than two inches of bookshelf space, and when you're on the run, you can just grab the CD and go. The seven books included on the CD --well over 3,000 pages of useful O'Reilly reference and tutorials-- if purchased separately, would cost more than $330 (US), but the ""Unix CD Bookshelf, Version 3 retails for only $129.95. The ""Unix CD Bookshelf packs a stack of essential Unix books into one comprehensive, immensely convenient, and portable small package. Next time they say that you can't take it with you, you'll know better.

Author: Inc. O'Reilly & Associates

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