Ubuntu User Manual 16.04

You could spend hours, days, weeks or months finding the information in this book or you can spend just a few dollars and save at least hours of your time. All of the information you need to get started with Ubuntu Unity very quickly is contained in my book. New Linux users will like this book, but it also contains some valuable information beyond just getting starting with Linux. The secrets with regard to using Ubuntu Unity are revealed. Just a few simple tips are required to become a knowledgeable Unity user. Unity will appeal to users who are coming from MacOs or Windows. It may not appeal to power users.This guide will show you how to install, configure, use and maintain Ubuntu 16.04. Everything the average user needs to know, and more, is covered. You will even be shown how to create your own custom software. Many tips and tricks with regard to customizing Ubuntu 16.04 are included in this book including how to create software to enable or disable your laptop touchpad, how to remap your Caps Lock key, how to backup and restore your hard drive, and how to use Linux commands. Fixes and workarounds for some known issues are also included in the book. This is a how-to book as opposed to a textbook. I tried to present things that you can easily do with your computer while keeping the explanatory text as brief as possible. More detailed, in depth information may be found for any Linux topic, but my goal is to get users up and running as quickly as possible. The first three chapters of this document (1 to 3) discuss what Ubuntu 16.04 is, how to download and install Ubuntu 16.04, how to use Ubuntu Unity and easy customization of Ubuntu Unity. The next two chapters (4 and 5) cover application software and system administration.Chapters 2 through 3 will show you how to install and use Ubuntu Unity. You may stop at that point and have a usable Linux system. The following chapters (4 and 5) will show you how to update, customize and maintain Ubuntu Unity.Chapter 5 contains a bonus section about using Ubuntu 16.04 on the HP Stream 11.

Author: Henry Weidman

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