Tru64 UNIX File System Administration Handbook (HP Technologies)

Tru64 UNIX File System Administration Handbook is a unique and authoritative book that will help systems administrators and other technical professionals understand and master perhaps the most critical part of Tru64 UNIX: the file system by which the operating system stores and manipulates all of the information that enables both it and other applications to function. File system administration thus is one of the most important, complex, and time-consuming tasks Tru64 system administrators must perform. If Tru64 UNIX is an automobile engine, then the file system is the microprocessor that keeps all of the engine components working together efficiently, and this book explains how to manage, tune, and troubleshoot this processor. Steve Hancock is an ideal author for this book. As a file systems support engineer within Compaq's Tru64 UNIX group, he trains and consults with systems administrators and engineers within large corporations who are designing, managing, and troubleshooting Tru64 UNIX file systems. Tru64 UNIX File Systems Administration Handbook covers all of the newest and advanced Tru64 UNIX features, including Compaq's TruCluster technology, which enables organizations to grow their systems by integrating many individual computers.Complements Digital UNIX System Administrator's Guide by CheekOnly book dedicated to this topic, one vital to Tru64 UNIX system administratorsExplains how to deploy Compaq's TruCluster clustering technology on Tru64 UNIX

Author: Steven Hancock

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