The Packer Book

A hands-on introduction to Packer, the HashiCorp image builder. Packer helps engineers, developers, sysadmins, and operations staff build multi-platform images including support for Docker containers, virtual machines, and Cloud-based images for platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Packer allows you to build consistent images on Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS and other operating systems. In the book, we'll teach you how to install, use and integrate Packer into your environment and work flow. The book includes chapters on:* Installing Packer.* Building images.* Provisioning images.* Integration with Configuration Management tools like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.* Packer and Docker containers.* Integrating and writing infrastructure tests.* Building pipelines for Continuous Integration with Packer.* Extending Packer.

Author: James Turnbull

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