The New KornShell Command And Programming Language (2nd Edition)

This is a Second Edition of the best-selling guide to the KornShell command and programming language by the original inventors of the language. It provides a specification for the KornShell language, tutorial material for those new to ksh (the program that implements the KornShell language), and a comprehensive reference for all ksh users. Covers major new additions to the KornShell language ksh93 (including command completion and a key binding mechanism); provides tutorials for both of the functions of ksh (as an interactive command language, and as a programming language); contains numerous examples illustrating the features of ksh; and features a Quick Reference summary of the KornShell language with page references to the book. For both new users with little shell experience, and for experienced computer users who are familiar with ksh and/or other shells. ISBN of 1st Edition: 0-13-516972-02.

Author: Morris I. Bolsky

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