The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf Version 2.0

Open source innovation has given rise to many valuable tools and technologies, including some of the most powerful and popular web development tools available. LAMP technologies (that is, Linux-Apache-MySQL-Perl/PHP/Python) provide a great application development platform, especially for robust web applications that run on Linux servers. Solid, reliable, and affordable, it's no wonder that LAMP is the platform of choice for web development. For years, O'Reilly's bestselling LAMP books have helped programmers master the finer points of these open source tools. Now we're offering six top titles on one CD to give programmers the tools they need to develop their own systems and get started with open source web development using LAMP technologies. ""The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf, 2nd Edition, delivers more than 3,600 pages of easily searchable information in a convenient format accessible from any web browser. You'll find the latest editions of these books: ""Linux in a Nutshell, 4th edition ""Running Linux, 4th edition ""Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd edition ""Programming PHP ""Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd edition ""Practical mod_perl As a bonus, the paperback version of ""Linux in a Nutshell, 4th Edition, is included as well. For the first time, this CD Bookshelf also includes valuable content straight from the O'Reilly Network. Some of the topics covered are: Cache Friendly Web, The Apache Toolbox, MySQL Best Practices, Internationalization and Localization with PHP, Choosing a Templating System, PostgreSQL's Multi-Version Concurrency Control, Embedded Linux, and more. No one knows LAMP like O'Reilly. If you're a developer, you probably count on theO'Reilly affiliates,, and, as valuable sources of information, as well as the great Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python content found on the O'Reilly Network. We're advocates of LAMP and use it extensively on the O'Reilly Network. If you want to get the most out of these important tools, then ""The Linux Web Server CD Bookshelf delivers an entire library of expert knowledge to your computer desktop.


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