The Korn Shell: User and Programming Manual (2nd Edition)

If you are a UNIX novice or an experienced shell programmer, The Korn Shell User and Programming Manual, Revised Edition will provide you with the practical advice and technical tips you will need in order to become proficient in all aspects of the Korn shell. From basic introductory concepts through to advanced programming techniques, you will learn how to: *customize your UNIX environmen *write and debug Korn shell script *fine-tune Korn shell scripts for faster execution This new revised edition has been thoroughly updated to include extensive UNIX command listings, a quick reference section for easy-to-find answers and solutions, plus a World Wide Web site providing time-saving, downloadable Korn shell scripts and programs. Illustrated throughout with expansive sample programs and examples, this book will prove an indispensable tutorial and technical reference for the Korn shell. The associated web site can be found at

Author: Anatole Olczak

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