UNIX Shell Programming, Revised Edition

UNIX Shell Programming, Revised Edition, shows UNIX users how to quickly and easily automate routine tasks by taking command of the UNIX shell. The shell makes light work of big tasks by transferring your simple instructions into powerful commands that put UNIX through its paces.You don’t have to be a programmer, or a UNIX expert, to use …

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Windows 2000 DNS

The Domain Name System is a directory of registered computer names and IP addresses that can be instantly located. Without proper design and administration of DNS, computers wouldn’t be able to locate each other on the network, and applications like email and web browsing wouldn’t be feasible. Administrators need this information to make their networks work. …

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Windows NT DNS (New Rider’s Professional Series)

This book focuses on the implementation of the Domain Name Service within Windows NT-treating it thoroughly from the viewpoint of an experienced Windows NT professional. An authoritative and comprehensive reference on the implementation of DNS within the Windows NT environment, this guide has detailed, real-world examples that illustrate the material throughout. Windows NT DNS is a reference for …

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Sams Teach Yourself UNIX System Administration in 21 Days (Teach Yourself — Days)

Sams Teach Yourself UNIX System Administration in 21 Days is designed to take you in 21 days from beginner or intermediate to the capability level of performing intermediate-level system administrator functions. Even advanced UNIX users who are interested in learning system administration will benefit from this book. Written by a system administrator offering peer-to-peer instruction, this book teaches …

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UNIX Unleashed: System Administrator’s Edition

UNIX Unleashed, System Administrator’s Edition is an in-depth examination of the UNIX operating system. Real-world examples, definitions, tips and tricks allow you to: Get a jump start on UNIX with an overview and a basic tutorial; Examine the extensive reference on the syntax of UNIX commands; Discover the differences between the major UNIX shells; Understand the fundamentals of …

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UNIX System Management Primer Plus (Primer Plus (Sams))

Unix System Management Primer Plus describes in detail the concepts and methodologies that govern Unix system administration. Its focus is both analytical and task-oriented. It covers the entire lifecycle of a system, from design to decommission, and explores the reader’s role as an administrator.Topics not usually covered in more specific books are covered, such as collocation …

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Delphi/Kylix Database Development

The aim of this book is to teach cross-platform database programming to Delphi 6 or Kylix programmers. The book will assume the reader has a basic understanding of databases, such as what tables, rows, columns, fields, indexes, etc. are. It will also assume the reader has a working knowledge of Delphi and/or Kylix.

A thorough investigation of …

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