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Unix/Linux Survival Guide (Networking & Security)

All Unix/Linux systems, regardless of manufacturer, have inherent similarities for administrators. The Unix/Linux Survival Guide details these similarities and teaches SysAdmins how to tackle jobs on all systems. Mixing administrator knowledge and best practices, the book walks admins step-by-step through installing, setting up, and configuring a new system. It also teaches them learn how to administer systems they …

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GNU/Linux Application Programming (Programming Series)

GNU/Linux is the Swiss army knife of operating systems. You’ll find it in the smallest devices (such as an Apple iPod) to the largest most powerful supercomputers (like IBM’s Blue Gene). You’ll also find GNU/Linux running on the most diverse architectures, from the older x86 processors to the latest cell processor that powers the PlayStation 3 console. …

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Linux Application Development For The Enterprise (Charles River Media Programming)

The Linux operating system is not limited to just game or open source programming, but can be used to build the same applications as in any other commercial UNIX environment. This book provides information, techniques, and source code for developing commercial-grade applications on the Linux operating system. Backed by industry leaders like IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Borland, …

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