System Log Process for Application Software in Linux: A different approach to the system Log Process

Operating system observability requires communications with the system log process by the application software. IPC stands for interprocess communication, which describe the different ways of message passing between different processes that are running on some operating systems. The histories of these messages or processes are used in the software testing process. This task is done by log file analyzer. Main objective of this work is to propose a methodology of the system log process which is used to make the log files of the different processes running for the different software. System log process contains the two components – message queue operation and process log.Message queue consist of the method that perform on the message queue. Methods are defined for the creation of message queue, sending and receiving message to / from the message queue. Process log defines the method for processing the log message, it involves the checking of process_id of the receiving log message, buffering of log message and writing the contents of the buffer to the log files.This book will help you to understand the working principle of system calls and inter-process communications.

Author: Dhirender Kumar

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