SUSE Linux Enterprise: Desktop Administration

The release of Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server version 10 (SLES 10) marked a new era for the Open Source server. SLES 10 was developed with interoperability in mind. It can be integrated seamlessly into existing network environments, both Open Source and proprietary. It provides a manageable, stable, secure, and affordable network environment. The Linux community at large is constantly updating and improving the Linux kernel. Novell generates their revenue by building a support package around SLED 10. The elimination of development costs allows Novell to offer SLED 10 at significantly lower cost that Microsoft's desktop OS. This model makes SLED 10 an affordable and attractive alternative desktop operating system for corporate environments, and many have already adopted it. Companies such as Marriott, CNN, Circuit City, HP, Dell, and Publix have adopted SLES 10, and now Industry certification bodies are recognizing the benefits of SLES 10 as well. As demand increases for this new operating system, the demand for trained Novell Administrators also increases. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Administration introduces network professionals to the new server program, and it contains Course Technology's proven academic pedagogy, making this the ideal classroom solution for teaching Novell.

Author: Jason W. Eckert

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