SSH Mastery: OpenSSH, PuTTY, Tunnels and Keys

Secure Shell (SSH) lets systems administrators securely manage remote systems. But most people only use the bare minimum SSH offers. Used properly, SSH simplifies your job and improves security.This book saves you from sifting a decade of obsolete online tutorials and quickly gets you running:SSH with the OpenSSH server and the PuTTY and OpenSSH clients. You will:* Eliminate passwords.* Manage access to your SSH server by users, groups, addresses, and more* Securely move files around your network* Forward graphic displays from one host to another* Forward TCP/IP connections * Centrally manage host keys and client configurations* Use SSH as a secure transport for other applications* Secure applications run over SSH* Build Virtual Private Networks with OpenSSHAnd more! This book quickly and painlessly simplifies life for anyone using SSH.

Author: Michael W Lucas

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