Spacewalk: The Red Hat Satellite Project: Your open source solution for Linux systems management (Fedora, CentOS, SLE and Debian)

The purpose of this book is to share with readers the best practices for Spacewalk implementation and management, a top level project that helps to manage Linux devices (Fedora, CentOS, Debian and SLE).Reading the book you will be able to install and manage Spacewalk, manage and monitor servers and/or workstations of your environment, keep available errata to registered systems updated and applied, perform auditing routines in all servers (based on OpenSCAP), perform advance network management of Spacewalk, implement a complete management per command line and generate several reports that can be used as environment performance indicators.It's a great and essential book for professionals who work directly with management and / or Linux environments support as well as for professionals who are passionate about computing in general.

Author: Waldirio Manhães Pinheiro

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