Red Hat Linux Internet Server

* Red Hat Linux X Internet Server takes the reader through all of the steps of setting up an Internet server using the Red Hat Linux operating system. * It begins by describing Red Hat Linux networking basics, two example networks and the basics of DSL Internet connections, firewalls and troubleshooting in Part 1.This sets the foundation for all subsequent examples and provides readers with problem solving tools. * Part 2 describes how to construct and manage a secure web server that is connected to a database. Part 3 shows the reader how to construct basic Internet services such as DNS, sendmail, FTP and Samba. Part 4 deals with advanced management techniques. * The final part describes how to secure your network and servers. This part goes beyond the average coverage by showing advanced as well as basic security techniques and tools. ABOUT THE CD-ROM The CD-ROM has an open-source high-availability system/server created by the author and appropriate GPL server and security software.

Author: Paul G. Sery

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