Pro Linux High Availability Clustering

Pro Linux High Availability Clustering teaches you how to implement this fundamental Linux add-on into your business. Linux High Availability Clustering is needed to ensure the availability of mission critical resources. The technique is applied more and more in corporate datacenters around the world. While lots of documentation about the subject is available on the internet, it isn't always easy to build a real solution based on that scattered information, which is often oriented towards specific tasks only. Pro Linux High Availability Clustering explains essential high-availability clustering components on all Linux platforms, giving you the insight to build solutions for any specific case needed.In this book four common cases will be explained:Configuring Apache for high availabilityCreating an Open Source SAN based on DRBD, iSCSI and HA clusteringSetting up a load-balanced web server cluster with a back-end, highly-available databaseSetting up a KVM virtualization platform with high-availability protection for a virtual machine.With the knowledge you'll gain from these real-world applications, you'll be able to efficiently apply Linux HA to your work situation with confidence. Author Sander Van Vugt teaches Linux high-availability clustering on training courses, uses it in his everyday work, and now brings this knowledge to you in one place, with clear examples and cases. Make the best start with HA clustering with Pro Linux High Availability Clustering at your side.

Author: Sander van Vugt

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