Practical LXC and LXD: Linux Containers for Virtualization and Orchestration

Use Linux containers as an alternative virtualization technique to virtualize your operating system environment. This book will cover LXC’s unmatched flexibility with virtualization and LXD’s smooth user experience.Practical LXC and LXD begins by introducing you to Linux containers (LXC and LXD). You will then go through use cases based on LXC and LXD. Next, you will see the internal workings of LXC and LXD by considering the repositories and templates used. You will then learn how to integrate LXC and LXD with common virtualization and orchestration tools such as libvirt and SaltStack. Finally, you will dive into containerization and security. The book will explore some of the common problems in security and provide a case study on how containerization can help mitigate some of the operating system-level security issues in an IoT environment.What You Will LearnGet an introduction to Linux containersDiscover the basics of LXC and LXDSee use cases that can be solved with LXC and LXD – for developers, devops, and system administratorsMaster LXC and LXD repositoriesUse LXC and LXD with common virtualization and orchestration toolsConsider a containerization and security in IoT case studyWho This Book Is ForThe audience for this book should have basic knowledge of Linux and software development in general. The intended readership is primarily software developers, operations engineers, and system administrators who are interested in devops, though managers and enthusiasts will also benefit from this book.

Author: Senthil Kumaran S

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