PowerShell 6.0 Linux Administration Cookbook: Over 150 recipes to leverage Microsoft’s open source automation framework and command line shell

With a recipe-based approach, we will help you take advantage of PowerShell 6.0 to call all native Linux capabilities to automate your environmentKey FeaturesUse PowerShell 6.0 on Linux to automate complex, repetitive, and time consuming tasks.Extend your OMS capabilities to get rich insights about your Linux workloads to quickly remediate any issues.A recipe-based guide that will enhance your native Linux capabilities with PowerShell 6.0.Book DescriptionPowerShell is an implementation of .NET Core. .NET Core is a cross-platform open source management framework, which adheres to POSIX standards and makes available API calls that work well with all of the major operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS. .NET Core for Linux has been a success, because of its adherence to standards, as well as for its lightweight implementation. PowerShell extends the capabilities towards management of Linux servers as well as using containerizers such as Docker.This book will include real-world examples on how you can use core PowerShell functions to effectively administer Linux-based systems and environments. Later, this book will cover interesting recipes on how system administrators can make use of PowerShell 6.0 to quickly automate complex, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This book will also teach you to develop scripts to automate tasks that involve systems and enterprise management. By the end of this book, you will also understand your OMS automation capabilities to apply, monitor, and update configurations, gaining real-time visibility into your Linux workloads to quickly get it resolved.What you will learnUnderstand the fundamentals of .NET Core and PowerShellUnderstand the advanced concepts of .NET Core and PowerShellLearn to write PowerShell scripts and functions with the best practices in mindTake a deep dive into administering computers locally as well as remotely using PowerShellUse PowerShell for advanced administration such as on the Cloud, Docker containers, VMware and SQL ServerWho This Book Is ForIf you are system administrator who wants to learn to control and automate your Linux environment with PowerShell 6.0 then, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of PowerShell scripting would be necessary. Very basic knowledge required with respect to how an operating system is structured and how to use the command line interface to work with the operating system.About the AuthorPrashanth Jayaram is a Product Design and automation expert in database technology with 12 years of rich, extensive experience in designing database solutions with hands-on experience on next-gen database technologies. He has been awarded as the Second-best SQL Author 2017 towards his contribution to the SQL Server technology space. He has articulated over 200 articles widespread across SQL, NoSQL, PowerShell, Python, SQL on Linux, SQL on Azure and SQL on AWS arenas.Ram Iyer is an Automation and Application Performance Management specialist with about eight years of experience in Enterprise IT. While ensuring that the environment in his enterprise performs optimally is his primary role, he is passionate about automation using PowerShell, and has contributed to over sixty enterprise-grade automation solutions in Windows, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft System Center, Citrix XenApp, VMware PowerCLI and Microsoft Azure, using PowerShell. He gives back to the Community by conducting training sessions in PowerShell and blogging about administration using PowerShell.

Author: Prashanth Jayaram

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