Part 10: Wireless Hacking Networks in Linux: Certified Ethical Hacker

This work includes only Part 10 of a complete book in Certified Ethical HackingPart 10: Wireless Hacking Networks in LinuxPlease, buy the other parts of the book if you are interested in the other parts The objective of the book is to summarize to the user with main issues in certified ethical hacker course.The complete book consists of many parts:1.Part 1: Lab Setup 2.Part2: Foot printing and Reconnaissance3.Part 3: Scanning Methodology4.Part 4: Enumeration5.Part 5:System Hacking6.Part 6: Trojans and Backdoors and Viruses7.Part 7: Sniffer and Phishing Hacking8.Part 8: Hacking Web Servers9.Part 9:Hacking Windows and Linux Systems10.Part 10: Wireless Hacking 11.Part 11: Hacking Mobile Applications

Author: Hidaia Alassouli

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