Paradigm Shift: Seven Keys of Highly Successful Linux and Open Source Adoptions

One thing IT professionals believe about open source software: It provides more opportunity for innovation than commercial or proprietary software. Most organizations contend that open source spurs more opportunities for technical innovation with a significant majority endorsing it because it encourages business innovation. Linux and open source also present specific challenges. When and how should your organization adopt Linux? How many distributions and platforms should your company support? How will you perform software support? How will you package and deploy software? How will you manage and secure Linux? Paradigm Shift is devoted to IT executives, technology decision-makers and project managers who could benefit from a crash course on Linux and open source adoption. Written for those in charge of planning and implementing strategies and infrastructure projects, the Seven Keys presented in this book provide practical information and recommendations in non-technical terms to enable readers to quickly understand the principles behind Linux-based computing as well as mitigate the challenges it presents. This book provides a pragmatic approach for determining if migrating to Linux is best for your organization. If after going through the first four Keys you determine that your organization would greatly benefit from Linux and open source, this book provides you with the necessary information and processes to ensure project success. The last three Keys provide a primer on getting your project on track, putting the necessary processes in place and rolling out your new application computing environment. Paradigm Shift answers the questions surrounding Linux as a legitimate business and technical computing platform. After reading this book, you’ll be well positioned to make a balanced assessment of the impact of Linux and open source for your organization. By studying technology’s current realities and anticipating its future shape, Paradigm Shift provides organizations with the necessary balance between tactical decision making and strategic planning.

Author: Mark Teter

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