Open Writing on Fedora 25

Paperback version. Free-PDF version is in my personal website: Open Writing on Fedora is a Manual that was born from an author's idea. An enthusiast GNU/Linux user who used to think that a Personal Computer or laptop were tools from which to draw the greatest results with the least effort. At the root there's experience gained over several years of creative writing, with different strategies on optimization of the times and the quality of work. I found the natural solution in the use of software tools; some of these very simple, others more complex and they require more study to be used correctly. Otherwise they may even be counterproductive. TOC Introduction Information about Fedora Installation of Fedora 25 Workstation ISO Choice ISO Preparing Installation First Run Creative Writing Process Planning (Tomboy-VUE-Calc) Researching (Firefox-Zotero) Full Report (Cherrytree) Writing (Organon-oStoryBook-Manuskript-Scribus-LyX-Texmaker) Publishing Writer2Epub Sigil Tips & Healthy Acknowledgments, sources and legal notice

Author: Alessandro Bugliazzini

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