OpeN Writing On Fedora 25: Black&White Edition

Black&White Edition. Free-PDF version at my personal website: “OpeN Writing On Fedora 25” is a Manual about Fedora that was born from an author's idea. An enthusiast GNU/Linux user who thinks that a Personal Computer or laptop are tools from which to draw the greatest results with the least effort. This textbook’s goal is to not teach writing. There are dozens of Creative Writing courses, some very good and expensive, others free. Expensive or free, both type of courses, with a bit of luck, will be useful for the writer’s purpose. “Open writing on Fedora 25” simply attempts to explain what are the best -powerful and open source- tools make the author's work more orderly, faster, and elegant. Why Fedora®? Fedora is a GNU/Linux operating system, developed by the Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat®. It contains software distributed under a free and open-source license and aims to be on the leading edge of such technologies. TOC Introduction Information about Fedora Installation of Fedora 25 Workstation ISO Choice ISO Preparing Installation First Run Creative Writing Process Planning (Tomboy-VUE-Calc) Researching (Firefox-Zotero) Full Report (Cherrytree) Writing (Organon-oStoryBook-Manuskript-Scribus-LyX-Texmaker) Publishing Writer2Epub Sigil Tips & Health Acknowledgments, sources and legal notice

Author: Alessandro Bugliazzini

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