Migrating from Oracle . . . to IBM Informix Dynamic Server on Linux, Unix, and Windows

In this IBM® Redbooks® publication, we discuss considerations, and describe a methodology, for migrating from Oracle® 10g to the Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS). We focus primarily on the basic topic areas of data, applications, and administration, providing information about the differences in features and functionality in areas such as data types, DML, DDL, and Stored Procedures. Understanding the features and functionality of the two products will better enable your decisions as you develop your migration plan. We provide a migration methodology and discuss the processes for installing and using the IBM Migration Toolkit (MTK) to migrate the database objects and data from Oracle to IDS. We also illustrate, with examples, how to convert stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Application programming and conversion considerations are also discussed. The laboratory examples are performed under Oracle 10g and IDS Version 11.5. However, the processes and examples can also be applied to Oracle 7, 8, and 9i. With this information, you can gather and document your conversion requirements, develop your required migration methodology, and then plan and excute the migration activities in an orderly and cost effective manner.

Author: IBM Redbooks

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