Mastering SaltStack – Second Edition

Key FeaturesAutomate tasks effectively and take charge of your infrastructureEffectively scale Salt to manage thousands of machines and tackle everyday problemsExplore Salt's inner workings and advance your knowledge of itBook DescriptionSaltStack is a powerful configuration management and automation suite designed to manage servers and tens or thousands of nodes. This book showcases Salt as a very powerful automation framework. We will review the fundamental concepts to get you in the right frame of mind and then explore Salt in much greater depth. You will explore Salt SSH as a powerful tool and take Salt Cloud to the next level. Next, you'll master using Salt services with ease in your infrastructure. You will discover methods and strategies to scale your infrastructure properly. You will also learn how to use Salt as a powerful monitoring tool.By the end of this book you will learn troubleshooting tips and best practices to make the entire process of using Salt pain-free and easy.What you will learnAutomate tasks effectively, so that your infrastructure can run itselfStart building up more complex conceptsMaster user-level internalsBuild scaling strategiesExplore monitoring strategiesLearn how to troubleshoot Salt and its subcomponentsExplore Salt's best practicesAbout the AuthorStarting as a support technician and progressing to being a web programmer, a QA engineer, a systems administrator, a Linux instructor, and a cloud engineer, Joseph Hall has touched just about every area of the modern technology world. He is currently a senior cloud and integrations engineer at SaltStack. Joseph enjoys working with some of the best minds in the business with his co-workers and SaltStack's partners. He is also a classically trained chef. Joseph's supreme pleasure lies in working with what he calls computational gastronomy.

Author: Joseph Hall

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