Mastering Reverse Engineering: Your Practical guide to master the art of Malware Reversing

Your practical guide to learn and use Reverse Engineering effectivelyKey FeaturesAnalyse and improvise your software and hardware with real-world examples.Learn advanced debugging and patching techniques with tools like PEiD, W32Dasm,HIEW, and so on.Filled with practical examples to gain expertise in reverse engineering.Book DescriptionIf you are looking at analyzing a software in order to exploit its weaknesses and strengthen its defenses then Reverse Engineering is something you should explore. Reverse Engineering is a hacker friendly tool used to expose security flaws and questionable privacy practices.With this book you will learn to analyse a hardware or software without having access to its source codes or design documents. This book will directly get you started with patching a basic reverse application likewise covering some advanced patching techniques .Next, this book will dive deep into some advanced debugging and patching techniques with real world applications like PEiD and W32Dasm. Moving ahead, this book will walk you through the use cases of Visual Basics in reverse engineering and will show you how to fix runtime patching, bypass server checks, and advanced string searching techniques.Lastly, you will learn to generate keys, tricks of using HIEW, and how to obfuscate the code, along with some decompilation techniques. By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience in reverse engineering through real world examples.What you will learnLearn Core reverse Engineering;Identify and extract hidden components ;Explore the tools used for reverse engineering;Run programs under non native operating systems;Understand Binary Obfuscation TechniquesIdentify and decrypt segments using keys within executablesWho This Book Is ForIf you are a security engineer, security analysts and system programmer who want to make use of reverse engineering to better your software and hardware this is the book for you. Also if you are a developer who want to explore and learn reverse engineering you will also find this book helpful. Having Some programming/shell scripting knowledge is an added advantage.

Author: Reginald Wong

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