Emphasis given on basics of LINUX programming and file system architecture. MAKE files have been explained in a manner which is easily adaptable by the beginners. Shell Scripting has been dealt in detail. Programming in C with Linux is explained. System calls are explained in a very easy manner. Quiz questions with answers are given throughout to enlighten knowledge. Linux/Unix is one of the most popular platforms in the industry. There is very little awareness about Linux/Unix among the students/faculty community, so our aim is to create the awareness of the basic knowledge of Linux/Unix operating system. This book will definitely eliminate the aversion students have towards Linux/Unix. On reading this book students will get a strong foundation which will help them to crack interviews. And this will pave the way for them to meet industrial requirements. It will be a fun reading this book which has got lots of practical examples. In short it would be an excellent learning experience.

Author: D.P. Kothari

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