Linux: Tips and Tricks to Execute Linux Programming (Volume 2)

You have probably come across the term “Linux” once or twice. During the 1990s, when Microsoft came under fire and even went to court for monopolistic practices, the popularity of Linux began to soar as an alternative. It presented distinct advantages over the Microsoft empire by enabling people to creatively build and contribute to the software’s kernel. But what exactly is Linux? Isn’t it some old-style throwback that requires you to type in commands for any program that you want to use? Why would you want to bother with it over options like Windows or Mac OS? If you have found yourself asking those questions, then this book is exactly what you are looking for. It explains what exactly Linux is, both as an operating system and as a movement. It presents the ways that Linux is beneficial over other operating systems, in spite of (or, in fact, because of) its being free and open source. It explains what is meant by the term “open source” and how you can contribute to the community by creating and submitting your own improvements to the Linux protocols. It also gives you the basic background information that you need in order to start coding for Linux. Whether you are just getting started with the world of Linux and/or programming, or whether you are a seasoned pro who has been in the game for a while, this book has something for everyone. It is the first in a series on Linux programming and is sure to make you a star with a solid understanding of how to use Linux and program with it. Grab this book today and get started learning Linux!

Author: Mr Daniel Jones

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