Linux: The Quick Start Beginners Guide

Breaking down the Linux operating system - making it fun and easy to learn! Linux is widespread and prevalent in the computing world - there is a good chance if you reach in your pocket you'll find a Linux machine as Google's Android operating system for mobile devices is a Linux-based operating system. Linux can be found running most of the worlds super computers and is used by many government agencies. Does this mean that Linux is only for big-wigs and expensive computers? Absolutely not! Linux can easily be used by normal computer users for their home or office to write papers, watch YouTube, check their email, or anything else you can imagine. The kernel is free, so it is a fantastic alternative to the expensive Windows and Apple operating systems. There are many different distributions of Linux, often referred to as "distros", that are specialized to suit anyone's needs. This book will go through some history, various distributions, and a few uses of Linux-based operating systems. It is highly recommended that everyone learns at least a little bit about Linux because it is used in so many places. This book will teach you just how to do that! What's included in this book: Linux versus Windows Background of Linux The many distros of Linux How Linux works How to install Linux Having fun with Linux Advanced concepts in Linux Start listening to this book today to get to grips with your understanding of Linux!

Author: Timothy Short

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