Linux Techniques: Programming, System Management and Applications (Technology Today) (Volume 4)

Amongst the cacophony of competing claims in the computer world, the Linux operating system is finding an increasingly powerful voice. As an alternative to Microsoft and Apple, it is proving attractive to many people through its completely open philosophy, together with the richly-featured galaxy of free software applications available. This book covers Linux from basic concepts to advanced techniques. Six programming languages are covered with coding examples for their general features. Three of the most popular Linux applications for desktop publishing, graphic design and audio editing are also introduced. Each chapter concludes with a set of practical computing exercises and questions for lecture room use. The chapters are: BOOK 1 – INTRODUCING LINUX AND ITS COMMANDS Chapter 1 Welcome to Linux Chapter 2 The Linux File Structure Chapter 3 Linux Commands Chapter 4 Text Editors BOOK 2 – PROGRAMMING WITHIN LINUX Chapter 5 Processes Chapter 6 Shell Language Programming Chapter 7 The awk Report Generator Chapter 8 C Language programming Chapter 9 Using Java Chapter 10 Python Programming Chapter 11 Programming in Perl BOOK 3 – MANAGING LINUX SYSTEMS Chapter 12 The Linux Environment Chapter 13 System Maintenance Facilities Chapter 14 GUI Tools for System Control BOOK 4 – INSTALLING AND USING APPLICATIONS Chapter 15 Various ways of installing applications Chapter 16 Using SCRIBUS for desktop publishing Chapter 17 Using GIMP for producing images Chapter 18 Using Audacity for audio editing Appendix A Summary of useful Linux Commands (bash) Appendix B The ASCII character set

Author: Michael Collier

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