Linux Sound Programming

This book is your how-to guide for programming audio and sound for the Open Source Linux Operating System.  Readers will learn how to utilize DSPs, sampled audio, MIDI, karaoke, streaming audio and more.Linux is a major operating system that can not only do what every other operating system can do, but can also do a lot more. But because of its size and complexity it can be hard to learn how to do any particular task.The Linux sound system is a major example of this: there is a large variety of tools and approaches for almost every aspect of sound. This ranges from audio codecs, to audio players, to audio support both within and outside of the Linux kernel.What you'll learn:How to do sampled audioWhat is and how to handle Digital Signal Processing (DSP)How to do MIDIHow to build Karaoke like applicationHow to handle streaming audio and moreWho is this book for:Experienced Linux users and programmers interested in doing multimedia with Linux and perhaps even game development.

Author: Jan Newmarch

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