Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook – Third Edition

Key FeaturesBecome an expert at creating powerful shell scripts and explore the full possibilities of the shellAutomate any administrative task you could imagine, all with shell scriptsPacked with easy-to-follow recipes on new features on Linux, particularly Debian-based, to help you accomplish even the most complex tasks with easeBook DescriptionThe shell is one of the most powerful tools on a computer system, yet a large number of users are unaware of how much they can accomplish with it. Ever imagined how to produce database and web scripts or automate monotonous admin tasks such as creating backup or monitoring? Well, look no further—you have come to the right place!This book, now in its third edition, combines the exciting new features in the newest Linux distros to help you accomplish the most complex of tasks. This book will empower you to use simple commands to perform complex tasks. Whether you are a casual or advanced Linux user, the cookbook approach makes it all brilliantly accessible and above all, useful.Starting with the basics of the shell, you will learn simple commands with their usages, enabling you to perform operations on files of different kind. We then proceed to explain text processing and web interaction and concludes with backups, monitoring, and other sysadmin tasks. Finally, you will dive into advanced topics that will help you automate tasks that can be scripted and tune your systems for different workloads using performance enhancements.What you will learnWrite shell scripts that can dig data from the web and process it with a few lines of codeInteract with simple web API from scriptsPerform and automate tasks such as automating backups and restore with archiving toolsCreate and maintain file/folder archives, compression formats, and encrypting techniques with shellSet up an Ethernet and Wireless LAN with the shell scriptMonitor different activities on the network using logging techniquesFind networking bandwidth and perform benchmarksManage code with Linux-based utilitiesAbout the AuthorClif Flynt has been programming computers since 1970, administering Linux/Unix systems since 1985, and writing prose and poetry since he was 10 years old. He's active in the Tcl/Tk and Linux user communities. He's currently employed as a consultant/trainer by Noumena Corporation. His applications are used by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and dozens of companies. He's developed scientific analysis programs, automated manufacturing systems, software test applications (tktest), web site development tools (Tcl On Track), tools for authors (Editomat), and more. He's trained programmers on four continents, and speaks at technical conferences and user groups.He's the author of Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide (3d Edition: Morgan Kauffman, 2012), several papers, and magazine articles. His fiction has been published in Write to Meow (Grey Wolfe Press, 2015).

Author: Clif Flynt

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