Linux Programming: Lab Manual

About the Linux Programming lab manual: LP (Linux Programming) lab manual has been specially designed for the students of JNTUH. By the end of this carefully structured course, the student should have had adequate practice in programming and listening to feel confident enough to handle a range of complex programming problems. LP lab manual has a student-friendly layout, with clear headings, and space for answers. The language is simple and lucid. It is hoped that students and teachers will find this manual useful and effective. LP lab manual is programming language lab manual for the Linux programming course run by JNTUH. This lab has been prepared keeping the needs of the students in mind. Main Features of the manual are: For each experiment, the program logic, algorithm, expected outputs are properly mentioned; At the end of each experiment, viva-voce questions are included; LP lab manual has external examination based pre-lab questions, lab assignments, post-lab questions with clear headings; This lab manual is full of examples that will encourage you to write your own and that will inspire you to improve on existing scripts.

Author: Pushpender Sarao

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