Linux on HP Integrity Servers: A System Administrator’s Guide

This is the only book on the market that covers Linux on HP Itanium systems.HP plans to replace all of their high end, precision architecture systems withItanium systems within the next two years. According to IDC, HP continues tomaintain its long-standing No. 1 position in the rapidly growing Linux servermarket across all server platforms with 31.7 percent customer revenue shareworldwide.This book is divided into two parts. Part 1, Linux System Administration,begins with extensive coverage of booting HP Itanium-based systems. This iscrucial as these systems can run Linux, HP-UX, and Windows Server 2003simultaneously, and because the boot process is substantially different than onprevious systems. Poniatowski also covers the HP Enablement Kit for Linux, aset of tools that provides a framework for installing, configuring, andrecovering a Linux distribution on HP Itanium 2 systems. Finally, Part 1 coversmany additional system administration topics such as startup, backup,networking, kernel, and so on.For those coming to Linux on Itanium from a non-UNIX background (such asWindows, MPE, and VMS sysadmins), Part 2 provides coverage of Linux tools,the Bash shell, shell programming, and many others. This section provides allof the basics on using Linux for those who don't have Linux experience.

Author: Marty Poniatowski

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