Linux Network Services Administration: Build a Virtual Network and Practice

The Linux Network Services Administration (Build a Virtual Network and Practice) book, guides the learners through the installation, configuration and building of a virtual network using GNS3 and the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager in the first part. In the second part of this book, it guides the learners with the guided examples and exercises to install, configure and test the Linux network services such as DHCP, DNS, Web, FTP, Mail and the Yum repository in the Virtual Network without any financial implications to the individual learners. The learners are also introduced to the Linux Firewall and give a hands-on zone, service, port and rich rules management using FirewallD. In addition, the learners are also introduced to the basics of the SELinux and troubleshooting SELinux. The learners can easily start practicing by creating a Virtual Network in a Laptop, without having to spend money to purchase physical hardware and without any risk involved. All you require is a basic knowledge of Linux System Administration to get going.

Author: Tashi Wangchuk

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