Linux Mint 18: Guide for Beginners

This book is an exploration of Linux Mint, which is a Linux distribution. It has been updated to Linux Mint 18.0, which is the latest version of this Linux distribution. The first part of the book is a guide to Linux Mint. The reader will learn the features and benefits which one can enjoy when using this kind of operating system, and some of the tasks which they can perform. The book then guides you on how you can install Linux Mint on your system. This includes the initial steps of downloading the ISO image of Linux Mint, and then burning it to the DVD. You will learn how to test the downloaded ISO so as to know whether it has errors or not. The book explains how you can use this operating system from the DVD, what is known as a “live DVD.” You will also learn how to install it as the only operating system on your PC or alongside another operating system. The process of managing software and packages in Linux Mint is explored in detail. This involves grouping the software into packages, performing upgrades, and managing other tasks. Linux Mint is discussed in detail, and you will learn the purpose of some of the features you will be seen in the desktop and how to use them. Some of the best tricks in Linux Mint, such as the various ways of copying and pasting text, as well as taking notes using the best applications is discussed, so you will learn how to perform such tasks. The following topics are discussed in this book: -What is Linux Mint? -Installation of Linux Mint -Linux Mint Desktop -Software Management

Author: William Rowley

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