Linux: Linux Command Line – A Complete Introduction To The Linux Operating System And Command Line (With Pics) (Unix, Linux kemel, Linux command line, … CSS, C++, Java, PHP, Excel, code) (Volume 1)

Linux for Beginners: A Complete Introduction To The Linux Operating System And Command Line This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start using Linux Operating System and Command line easily and seamlessly. Modern computing relies on using a mouse and a nice GUI like those found on Windows PCs. That's nice for making the computer simple to use for those who have no experience with them, but it also has the disadvantage of limiting what can actually be accomplished with the powerful circuitry inside that computer. Before the modern GUI was introduced, users had greater flexibility and were able to give the computer specific commands for what to do. Programs were written at that level and launched the PC era. Just because Windows systems are so common, many people think they have no real choice, but that isn't so. Linux brings out the power of commands the same way the very first PCs functioned. The only challenge is how to actually start using Linux when you have never used it given that it seems to be simple to those who actually know it but a totally new world to those who don’t. This book seeks to introduce you to the new world of using Linux to do literally anything you would want to do on your PC. By reading Linux for Beginners, you will discover: How Linux came into being and how to start using it How to use some of the most common Linux commands. How to use text editors How to use Linux on your Mac or Windows Everything about SSH including how to create SSH keys How to create, move, rename and move directories How to schedule and automate tasks using chron How to locate files, programs, documentation and configuration How you can access a Linux server Choosing the right distro Pipes and how to use them well Once you get to using Linux like a pro, the author personally guarantees that you will never look back, nor opt for any other system. The beauty of Linux (regardless of which distro you opt for) is the flexibility it affords you, especially if you are a network administrator, app or system developer. Since Linux is open source, it is constantly improving and can even be improved by the average user. That's the adventure that awaits you. You may also use Linux to develop other new apps and software tools. If so, consider making it available to others through open source distribution. Take action now. Scroll up and click the 'BUY' button at the top of this page. That way, you can immediately start reading and using Linux for Beginners:A Complete Introduction To The Linux Operating System And Command Line on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Author: M.J. Brown

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