Linux: Learn Linux In 2 Hours: Including All Essential Command Lines. The Beginners Choice for the Linux System (Linux, Linux For Beginners)

*NEW IMPROVED VERSION**FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED*All The Information You Will NeedThis book has all the information you will need to know about the Linux operating system as a newbie or an expert computer user that is new to Linux. There are so many operating systems in use all over the world today and Linux is just one of them. The main difference is that Linux benefits the user more than what the user gets from all the other operating systems. This book gives you details pertaining to all these benefits and many more.As a beginner, you may not know anything about Linux or even how to get started in the use of the best OS we have in the market so far. A Small Preview...Learn what Linux is in brief and its history – how it came about and how long it has been here. How the operating system has been doing over time and how it has been developed to suit the needs of usersLearn about Linux in detail; what it is, what it comprises of and what you benefit as a user. This explains in detail the different parts that make up Linux operating systemLearn about the reasons why you need to switch to Linux if you are still using other failing operating systemsLearn different versions or distributions of Linux in detail so as to understand better the version that best suits youLearn about how to install Linux.Learn about how to get started in the use of the operating systemLearn about how to install a software when you are using LinuxLearn the important command Lines that Linux users must know.Much Much MoreThis book is here to give you real reasons why Linux is offering an actual alternative to all the other operating systems. What Others Are Saying..."This has become my new go-to book for Linux command line, and scripting. I've recommended this book to many of my friends who know a bit about Linux." -Véronique Letellier" I found this book very resourceful and helpful. I will definitely recommend this guide to all the beginners." - Piper" If you consider using Linux but are intimidated, I'd definitely recommend using this book. 5/5, seriously." - Craig30 Day Money Back Guarantee IncludedDownload your copy today!

Author: Simon Bedford

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