Mastering Linux Kernel Development

Key FeaturesLearn the art of Linux kernel design and development at the same breathDesigning customized Kernels by understanding Kernel behavior and other parametersWitness tips and tricks much needed for an expert Kernel hackerBook DescriptionGreat designs are strung on the fabric of geometry – there is a high level of ease and comprehension that one experiences when exploring great designs – The Linux Kernel which possesses a kind of collective intelligence, attributed by its scores of contributors has managed to remain serene at its core and displays the efficiency of its design. This book follows a tenacious approach at decoding the core principles of the kernel providing you tips and tricks that gives you an entirely new perspective that would elevate your skills to that of an expert.Mastering Linux Kernel Development covers tips and tricks for seasoned kernel hacker to go beyond the ways they have been using. You will begin with understanding functionalities of Kernel's loader and explore process address space and dynamic memory management. Next, you will learn about file i/o systems and pseudo file systems to manage data generated dynamically by Kernel. You will also learn how you can write your own kernel modules and deploy them. After you have learned to write Kernel modules, you will improve the performance of the Kernel with effective methods of interrupt handling. Towards the end of the book, you will understand how the Kernel communicates and makes the device interfaces available for the applications. Finally you will learn to customize the Kernel as per the platform requirements.What you will learnUnderstand kernel structures in depth and become an expertExplore multi-platform capabilities of LinuxGain thorough understanding of the inner workings of Kernel Interrupt management, Kernel time management, and device managementWrite and deploy Kernel modules and manage its dependenciesDesign the process scheduler to schedule the processes effectivelyUnderstand build scripts and get started with customizing and building targeted Kernel imagesAbout the AuthorRaghu Bharadwaj is one of the leading consultant and corporate trainer on the Linux kernel with an experience spanning close to two decades. He is an ardent Kernel enthusiast and expert, who is closely following the Linux kernel since the late 90’s. He is the founder of TECH VEDA which specializes in engineering and community services on the Linux kernel, through technical support and kernel contributions. His precise understanding and articulation of the kernel has been one his hallmarks, and his penchant for software designs and OS architectures has garnered him special mention from his clients. Raghu is also an expert in delivering solution oriented, customized training programs for engineering teams working on the Linux kernel, Linux Drivers and Embedded Linux. Some of his clients include technology majors like Xilinx, GE, Canon, Fujitsu, UTC, TCS, Broadcom, Sasken, Qualcomm, Cognizant, STMicroelectronics, Stryker, Lattice Semiconductors among others. You can reach Raghu Bharadwaj and stay in touch with him on LinkedIn,

Author: Raghu Bharadwaj

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