Linux in Easy Steps: Covers Ubuntu 17.10

Linux has become an increasingly popular alternative to the Windows operating system. The reasons for its growing appeal are manifold: Linux is an extremely stable operating system that serves as a platform for an ever-growing number of quality applications; it has become more user-friendly with each version released; and perhaps best of all... it's free! Linux in easy steps instructs you how to install the operating system, explore the desktop, and check out many great apps. This fully illustrated book explains the Linux environment and guides you through the LibreOffice suite of apps - an excellent free alternative to the Microsoft Office suite. It also demonstrates media apps that let you enjoy the web, music, video, and graphics. Later chapters teach you how to use the powerful Linux shell to communicate directly with the kernel at the very heart of the operating system for total control. Linux in easy steps opens the door to a whole new world of digital possibilities using the leading Linux Mint distribution Long-Term Support (LTS) release, due April 2018.

Author: Mike McGrath

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