Linux Gimmux: Applications, Tips and Tricks for Linux Lovers.

Having switched from MS Windows to Linux a number of years ago, I have been delighted andamazed by the ease of use, flexibility, freedom and fun of Linux.Any problems I have encountered in the use of this OS have been answered by a host of friendlypeople, in many cases by hands-on practical help, many of whom can be found on a variety of'Forums', all of whom are ready and willing to impart any knowledge / help needed.Forums are an amazing way to gain experience, receive aid and give help to others. I encourage youto join as many as you can....just 'google' Linux Forums to see a great list of them.One I'm particularly fond of is , but don't just stick to that, check out asmany as you can!I've been given many hints and tips, discovered others myself, read tutorials which have given meanswers and ideas, visited Forums, asked questions and looked at magazines; these I have compiledinto this e-book and I extend my thanks to all who have helped me obtain this information; I wish Icould remember where all the answers came from, but there are just too many sources and names torecall. ( a partial list is included at the end)However, “Thank you all for your aid.”I hope you find these collected gems as interesting as I do.Try them out.......Linux is Fun!

Author: Mykl Martin

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