Linux for Embedded and Real-Time Applications (Embedded Technology)

In this applications-oriented reference, Doug Abbott shows how to put Linux to work in embedded and real-time applications. Among the topics Abbott discusses include memory management, device drivers, interrupt handling, kernel instrumentation, boatloaders, embedded networking, inter-task communications, periodic vs. "one shot" timing, POSIX threads, hardware abstraction layers, and program debugging. Abbott uses numerous real-world examples to show how implement a variety of embedded applications using Linux. Abbott discusses the strengths and weaknesses for embedded applications of different implementations of Linux, and he also examines the different real-time extensions for Linux. This book incorporates many programming exercises with solutions. All code listings are provided on the accompanying CD-ROM, as well as an electronic version of the text.

*Fully describes the use of Linux operating system for embedded and real-time applications
*Covers advanced topics such as device drivers, kernel implementation, POSIX threads
*The CD accompanying the book includes an electronic version of the book as well as related software tools and code listings

Author: Doug Abbott

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