Linux Enterprise Applications fine solution (2nd edition. with CD 1)(Chinese Edition)

Paperback. Pub Date :2014-03-01 Pages: 530 Language: Chinese Publisher: Tsinghua University Press Linux Enterprise Applications fine solution (2nd Edition) 14 chapters. combined with dozens of classic case. to explain the contents of the medium-sized enterprises from the practical summary of all the production line. Which describes the Web system integration methods. vulnerability testing methods and LAMP security configuration; configuring OpenLDAP achieve unified authentication applications under Linux; configured Postfix large mail systems; configuration and management OracleRAC database cluster; Heartbeat. WebLogic clustering and high availability OSCAR structures; VSFTP and ProFTP integrated management; Snort deployment and management in the enterprise; configure Xen and VMware's enterprise virtualization; safety policies and Linux systems and services invasion case ana...


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