CompTIA Server+ : Certification Guide: A comprehensive, end-to-end study guide for the SK0-004 certification with mock exams

Master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the SK0-004 exam the first time with the help of this study guideKey FeaturesVerification of existing knowledge of computer network serversEnhancing limited knowledge of server configuration and functionA study guide that covers the objectives for the certification examinationBook DescriptionCompTIA Server+ certifications is one of the top 5 IT certifications which is vendor neutral. System administrators opt for CompTIA server + certification to gain advance knowledge about concepts like troubleshooting and networking.This book will initially start with the configuration of a basic network server and the configuration to each its myriad roles. The next set of chapters will provide an overview of the responsibilities and tasks performed by a system administrator to manage and maintain a network server. Going ahead, you will learn the basic security technologies, methods and procedures that can be applied to a server and its network. Next, you will cover the troubleshooting procedures and methods in general and specifically for hardware, software, networks, storage devices, and security applications. Towards the end of this book, we will cover few troubleshooting and security mitigation concepts for running admin server with ease. This guide will be backed with test questions and mock papers which will help you get the certifications cleared.By the end of this book, you will be in a position to clear Server + certification with ease.What you will learnUnderstand the purpose and role of a server in a computer networkReview computer hardware common to network serversDetail the function and configuration of network operating systemDescribe the functions and tasks of network operating system administrationExplain the various data storage options on a computer networkDetail the need, function, and application of network and server securityDescribe the operational elements of a network provided by a serverExplain the processes and methods used in troubleshooting server issuesReview common troubleshooting issues on each of the major components of a network serverWho This Book Is ForThis book is targeted towards professionals seeking to gain the CompTIA Server+ certification. People coming from a Microsoft background with basic operating system and networking skills will also find this book useful. Basic experience working with system administration is mandatory.About the AuthorRon Price, A+, i-Net+, Network+, Server+, Security+, CCNA, MS, Business Administration.Ron’s experience in computing and with computers began with punched card equipment. From that beginning, he has progressed through the mainframe and minicomputer systems of several manufacturers, the early operating systems (UNIX, MCP, OS-VS, RSX, Xenix, etc.) and on to microcomputers and computer networks. His experience and knowledge include operations, programming, design, database, and implementation of computing equipment and applications. He has now “retired” to be a college instructor in information systems and computer science. Ron also writes under the pen name of “Ron Gilster.”

Author: Ron Price

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